May 17, 2017

Today was the third rainy day in a row. Unfortunately, the rain kept us from going kayaking through the mangroves which a lot of people were looking forward to. That still didn’t stop us from having  good time though. We all got to sleep in late this morning which felt great. Then after breakfast we all just hung out for a little bit and at 11 we all decided to go snorkeling on the side of Smiths Reef that we didn’t go to the other day. We saw some cool marine life here like a French Angelfish, a Flamingo Tongue, another Barracuda, a trumpet fish and a ton of juvenile fish. I also finally got to see Christmas Tree Worms! I have been looking for the every time we went diving or snorkeling and I haven’t been able to spot was until today. I was so excited, it was a really pretty orange color and looked really cool.  After snorkeling we all went and ate our leftovers from dinner last night for lunch today and then just hung out until dinner. We are going to eat at Mango Reef tonight which will be our fanciest restaurant yet. It’s starting to hit everyone that we need to start packing because we are leaving tomorrow morning and that is really sad to think about. I think that everyone is going to miss being here and all of the activities that we have been able to do for the past week.


Here’s a picture that I took today of the Christmas tree Worm that I saw