May 16th, 2017

Long Bay – Blue Hills – Salt Mills

Today was rainy like yesterday but that didn’t stop us from having a good time. We didn’t go diving today since we wet yesterday and it was the other groups turn, so instead we went for a nice drive around some of the island and did some shopping. We went all the way from Long Bay to the Blue Hills.


Although the island seems big, it is actually pretty small. It did not take us that log to do our tour, and even though we didn’t go across the entire island, we saw a good part of it. It was super interesting to see the houses that some people live in and the stuff that most typical tourist never get to see. It was also very interesting to see the huge difference between the private high school that we have been passing everyday and the public high school that most of the native islanders attend.

After the partial tour of the island, we went and did some shopping. The first stop was the potcake place ad we got to play with some puppies. They were so cute and we could have spent all day there. We initially wanted to volunteer with them but the people running it said that they were full and they didn’t need any more help. After we played with the puppies we walked around some of the stores and everyone got a few cute things for themselves and other people. When we finished shopping we still had a little bit of extra time before we had to meet Dr. C so we wet back to the potcake place ad played with the puppies a little more.

After a quick lunch when we got back from shopping, me, Haley and Audrey all wet for a nice 3 mile run together. Haley took some convincing but we eventually got her out there ad had a good time. Because of the rain it wasn’t too hot out and it felt great. After our run, me, Audrey and Will wet snorkeling on the Coral Gardens reef. We saw a lot of the same stuff but one cool thing that we did see was multiple Lionfish and a couple of Filefish. I haven’t seen these on this reef up until this point. When we were about halfway around the reef Haley came out and joined us for the rest of it.

Today was a nice relaxing day and hopefully the weather will be good enough for kayaking through the mangroves tomorrow!