May 15th, 2017

Day 7

French Cay

Today was a split group day for SCUBA diving. It was only me, Haley Zanga, Audrey, Simone, Marisa and Dr. C. The rest of the group went and drove around the island and went shopping. This was our first dive as certified SCUBA divers and it was incredible. We shared the boat with two older woman named Pat and Candy who were extremely nice and seemed like experienced divers. It was overcast all day and started sprinkling a little bit on the boat but it was still great weather for diving. The weather has been so nice up to this point, there was bound to be a rainy day at some point. We first went to the “G-Spot” in French Cay and there was lots to see. There was a ton of corals and fish that we didn’t see on our other dives. There were a ton of Giant Barrel Sponges and we also saw some Grey Angelfish, a Juvenile Spotted Drum, brown bowl sponges and lion fish. I have not seen a lion fish up to this point and I was surprised about how big they were. I was also shocked to see how tiny the Spotted Drum were. I had expected them to be much bigger when I saw pictures of them. On this dive I had a maximum depth of 72 feet and the dive lasted for about 45 minutes. At this dive site it was so easy to just keep going deeper because the sea floor went from about 40 feet to about 7000. There was a sheer drop off and there was so much to see when you swam along the wall.


Here’s us excited for our first dive as certified SCUBA divers but also our last dive of the trip

After a nice hour long break, it was time to go on our second dive. For this dive we traveled to another dive spot in French Cay named “Double D”. We also saw some interesting things here. The first thing that I saw when I got to the bottom was an unidentified pearly, orb looking object attached to one of the corals. I pointed it out to Haley and neither of us were sure about what it was. When we got back to the surface and we talked about it to Dr. C it was decided that it was most likely a Sea Pearl. Some other cool animals that we saw on this dive was a decent sized barracuda, some more reef sharks, a sea turtle and two moray eels. Both of the moray eels were Green Morays and Audrey pointed out the first one and I pointed out the second one. They were both tucked into the rocks in little crevices with mostly just their heads peeking out. The one I found was showing more of its body but they were both super cool.


Sea Pearl” by snorkelstj

Here’s a picture of a Sea Pearl. This is what me and Haley might have seen.

When we got back from our dive, we had some free time to relax and eat some lunch. Once we were fed and happy a few of us went snorkeling off of the Coral Gardens beach. There were tons of turtles swimming around and I got some really cool videos of them and also one of a Queen Triggerfish. The Queen Triggerfish was so beautiful and it let me get really close to it for a video. After we got done snorkeling, we showered and then me, Audrey and Will played a quick game of catch. Then me and Audrey did a quick yoga session next to the pool and then we were off to dinner at “Somewhere”.

Screen Shot 2017-05-15 at 3.20.32 PM.png

This photo was taken by our dive instructor Alizee


Here’s a picture taken the other day by our teacher Dr.C