May 14th, 2017

Day 6

Pine Cay

Today was the day of relaxation. We got to sleep in and then we went and took a ride on a sailboat. We took a brief stop in the water to go snorkeling and we saw some cool stuff. When we were snorkeling we were able to see tons of Black Durgon when we first got in which I was really excited about. We also got to see a Peacock Flounder and a Caribbean Spiny Lobster. There were lots of Parrotfish swimming around and when I was swimming back to the boat I spotted a Flamingo Tongue. After the snorkel we got back on the boat and went over to Pine Cay. Here we put the anchor down and hung out on the beach for an hour. Most of this time was spent in the water searching for Sand Dollars. I was able to find one and a few other people found them too. Then it was lunch on the boat and just hanging out on the way back to the dock. Of course when we were almost back there was a small photo-shoot of us on the front of the boat.

This is a picture of the view from Pine Cay and of the Sand Dollar that I found!