May 13th, 2017

Day 5

West Caicos

Tons of Sponge

Sand Chute

Today was another early morning before we set off for our 3rd and 4th dives. It was a nice boat ride out to our dive site which was named “Tons of Sponges”. Here we did some of our last skills such as using a compass, the emergency ascent, and removing your mask and putting it back on. Once these skills were finished we set off on our dive. When we were at the surface the first thing all of us saw was a reef shark swimming below us. It circled around below a couple of times before it went off. When we got down to the bottom which was about 40 feet down, the first thing we saw were about 4 or 5 Southern Stingrays which was really cool. We also saw a sea turtle which was hanging out over the edge of the wall. It swam around for a little bit but left shortly after we started watching it. This dive lasted about 45 minutes and when we went backup to the surface, we had a nice break. During our break we all ate some snacks and then listened to the briefing for our next dive. We also took a short boat ride to another dive site near West Caicos names “Sand Chute”.

Our fourth dive consisted of learning how to lead our own dive. I think that this was our best dive yet because we didn’t have any skills left to do and we kind of got to be on our own a little bit more. This dive site also had lots of super cool animals swimming around. Some of my favorites that we saw were two reef sharks which swam around us for a while and got really close to two of the girls in our group, there we’re lots of French Angelfish which were pretty big and beautiful, we got to see some more of the Flamingo Tongue which are really cool and of course there were more of the Black Durgon which are still my favorite fish that we’ve seen. We also got to see a porcupine fish and a puffer fish which was pretty big, these were just some really cute fish to see swimming around. This dive ended in a group picture of all of us and shortly after it was taken Haley started to float away and she started to take Will with her when he tried to pull her back down.

After a day full of fun diving, to end the day on a great note we went to Dr. C and Dr. Strong’s friend Laura’ s house for dinner. We brought over some pizza and Laura made Conch fritters. We also went to a canal near her house to watch the glowworms. The glowworms light up a few days after the full moon which was earlier this week. They started out slow but it picked up after a few minutes and made for a great show!


Here’s a picture of all of us after we got officially SCUBA dive certified!