May 12th, 2017


Today was our reef monitoring day. We started out snorkeling around the Coral Gardens reef where we wrote down all of the different species of fish that we saw. If we didn’t know what type of fish it was we wrote down the key features and looked them up in our species identification books later. Some of the really cool animals that we saw during this dive were a small sea turtle and a spotted eagle ray.

After a lunch break we drove over to Smiths Reef which is in Turtle’s Cove and we did some snorkeling there too. We started out just snorkeling around and writing the species of fish on our dive slates like we did earlier, and after we were done exploring the reef we went and took a break on shore. After this break we learned about reef monitoring and the key rules to follow to get accurate data. Some of these were to keep a 5 meter gap in between each section and ways to not count fish multiple times which would create inaccurate data.

Once we finished all of our snorkeling for the day, we had the rest of the night as free time so I went and laid on the beach for a little bit. For dinner it was taco night. DCIM100GOPROGOPR0058.JPG