May 11th, 2017

Day 2

Eel Garden at Northwest Point

Today started with a 40 minute boat ride out to the Northwest Point, but before the boat left the dock, we had to assemble our diving equipment. Once this was done and we reached our dive site, we got a short briefing about what we are going to see and some of the skills that we are going to do.

The picture below shows all of the dive sites off of Providences including all of the ones near at the Northwest Point.

The first skill we learned was how to get off the boat and into the water while wearing all of our dive gear. This is done by putting your toes over the edge of the boat, keeping your head up, looking straight ahead and taking a big step off the back of the boat. Some other skills that we practiced again were the partial mask clear, regulator reovery and the weight drop at the surface. We also learned how to do the snorkle regulator exchange and emergency sea signaling. Inbetween some of these skills we wen for a short dive where we saw tons of different marine life. Some of the coolest stuff that we saw on this dive was a nurse shark and a moray eel ina little alcove and also the wall. The wall was like the one in Finding Nemo where there is all this coral and fish and all of a sudden the depth goes from about 40 feet to 3000 feet. There were some fish swimming around the side and the edge of the wall but not many past it.

After dive one we came up to the boat and the first thing we did was switch our gear from the empty tank to a full one. After that was done we ate some snacks and rested for a little bit. During this break we got another briefing about our next dive and the skills that we would be doing. One of these skills was the swim test. That consisted of 3 laps around the boat and treading water for 10 minutes. Once this was complete there was a little longer break on the boat than expected because Will’s before swim test snack of carrots did not agree with him and he threw up a lot.

Once he was feeling a little better we got into our SCUBA gear and set out on our next dive. Some skills we practiced in this dive were the full mask flood, the fin pivot, another weight drop and a buddy swim.  When we explored this time we saw a ton of different marine animals that we didn’t see on the first dive. The first thing we saw when we dove down was a stingray, after that we saw the flamigo tongue, a spotted moray eel and the flounder. The flounder blended into the sand so well that I never would have been able to see it if our dive instructor Stef didn’t point it out for us. My favorite fish that we saw was the black durgon, I thought that they were super pretty and could have watched them swim around all day.

The day ended with dinner at the Thursday night fish fry. It was awesome to get to try different foods such as coconut grouper and plantains. We all had a great time looking at all of the souvenir stands and eating the food. There was also a gorgeous sunset to end the night. This last picture is of me dancing around on the beach when the sun was first beginning to go down.