May 10th, 2017

Day 2

Coral Gardens

Today was the day that we officially started our SCUBA diving certification. We started in the pool in the morning with some basic safety instructions and preparation for the dive. The diving done in the pool was mostly learning how to use the equipment and the basic skills for diving. Some of these included what to do in case of an emergency or equipment malfunction. Emergencies that could occur while diving are losing your mask, running out of air or needing to drop your weight. The feeling of breathing underwater was super cool and I couldn’t wait to do it again. After the skills in the pool and a short lunch break, we moved on to some SCUBA diving in the water right off the beach in front of our hotel.


These were some pictures that were taken by our teacher while we were doing our diving skills.

The dive in the reef off of the Coral Gardens resort was the best part of the day. We got to try out our new skills in an environment other than the pool. We dove down about 20 feet and observed the fish and coral that were down there. When we began diving the first thing that we saw was a lot of yellow-tail snapper fish. They came up close to us and stayed around s for most of the dive. Throughout the dive we saw many different species of coral and fish. Some of these include a couple Blue Tang, Stoplight Parrotfish and a Porcupine Fish. One interesting behavior that I observed from these fish were their feeding habits. The most exciting thing that we saw during the dive was a sea turtle. We swam around near it for a couple of minutes and watched it swim and eat some turtle grass.

This link bring us to a video that our teacher took of us coming out of the water after the dive.

Once we were all done diving it was time for dinner. We went to a restaurant called the Tiki Hut for chicken and ribs.