Beginning Thoughts

“What do you want to do once you graduate?” The dreaded question that I still have not figured out the answer to. Everyone who knows me can tell you that I am the terrible at making decisions and they are right. I am not one of those people that came to college knowing what they wanted to do. I came to Keene State undeclared and took a lot intro classes to try and figure out what I liked. I eventually made friends with some biology majors who were juniors at the time and they convinced me to take some biology classes my second semester. This ended up being some of the best advice that I have taken and at the end of freshman year I decided that biology was what I wanted to major in.

Recently I have been trying to answer the dreaded question but I am still unsure of what path I want to take. For the past few years I have been saying that I want to go to grad school right after I graduate but recently I noticed that I have no idea what I would want to go to grad school for. Because of this I have been trying to learn what I don’t want to do a narrow down my options that way. I have two very different paths that I am considering so I am trying to get a little bit of experience in both of them to see which I would rather do as a career. One path is forensic science and the other is marine biology. Hopefully I will be able to decide which is best for me soon!