Some Statistics Terms

  • Ordinal (continuous) data- (height, weight, temperature) There can always be a number in between
  • Categorical Data- When you make up categories for something (Color: Red, Blue, Green; Tall, Short)
  • Paired Data- Taking measurements on the same individual, doing something to it and then taking the measurements again. (Heart rate before and after exercise)
  • Unpaired Data
  • Descriptive Statistics- Describe a data-set
  • Inferential Statistics- Hypothesis testing

There is (usually) a difference between your biological hypothesis and a statistical null hypothesis

Hypothesis: Crickets prefer dog food over carrots as a food source

Prediction: If crickets prefer dog food over carrots, then when given a choice, they will spend a greater amount of time on a piece of dog food than a carrot.

Null Hypothesis- There is no difference